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Our Journey

5 simple steps to become a pro 

Step 1


In the beginning we want to discuss the fundementals: your desired goals, what are key fragments in your company, etc. 

Step 2


As a next step to becoming a pro we do target group defined research (also called BrandFit). After that we conduct the negotiations between you and the influencers. The next thing we do is the supervision of the whole process so you dont have to worry about anything. 

Step 3


As one of the most important steps we have the campaign launch. We look after your campaign, do story checks if the influencer posted on time and have feedback talks with you so we can be sure that you‘re a 100% satisfied :)  

Step 4


Before, after and while the campaign goes on for some time we do an in-depth KPI analysis of your campaign so we can give you a detailed presentation of how well it went. 

Step 5


After the KPI analysis our last step is to scale, optimize and perfect your whole marketing-mix for maximum engagement and maximum results.

Congratulations now you know how we help you become a pro! Wanna learn more?

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